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Thanks for scheduling a time to speak with us and completing the survey! 

Important: I we sent you an invite and remind via email, please mark this in your calendar now.

Here's the next steps:

  • We will be calling you at the time you scheduled for (check your email)

  • For the call, make sure you're in a quiet location with no distractions

  • Do not take the call in an airport, while driving, walking around, etc.

  • If you're more than 5min late, or in a noisy place, we'll cancel the call

  • Get Your Free Credit Analysis (steps below)


We do not offer reschedules (commitment is step #1 in success)


Remember this: The way you do one thing is the way you do everything!

Make sure you show up to this call on time, focused, serious, be real, and tell the truth (it's the only way we can help you).


                     (Follow the steps below to get a free credit analysis on the call.)




>> Get All 3 Credit Reports Free Click here to obtain all 3 of your credit reports for free (It’s $1, but if you cancel after our call they’ll give you the $1 back)


>> Send us your credentials via email to:


Subject line:  {Your Name}- Free Credit Analysis”



Here is the login information to see my credit reports for a free credit analysis



Last 4 of SSN

Talk to you soon...

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